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Keep pace with the evolving scope of the compliance function, solve key leadership and management challenges, and feel confident in your decisions. 

Make informed, data-driven decisions on key challenges

ACA’s Compliance Leaders Network (C-LEAD) is a membership-based group of compliance thought leaders, backed by ACA’s dedicated research and analytics team and staff of experienced consultants. C-LEAD members gain access to exclusive research, benchmarking, and events designed to help CCOs and senior compliance leaders make informed, data-driven decisions on top functional challenges.

Join our exclusive network of leading professionals. 

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What to expect

Find solutions to the most challenging compliance function problems.

Benchmark with Peers

Go beyond basic demographics, and focus on the most important variables (e.g., risks owned, risk tolerance). Compare your spending, staffing, and structure to peer organizations.


Elevate Your Team

Upgrade your people, processes, and technology. See proven strategies to tackle functional challenges from other senior compliance leaders.

Navigate Emerging Risks

See around corners and cover blind spots. Scan fresh data to get quick feedback on emerging risks and pressure test the hype.

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Member-driven research

C-LEAD’s research agenda is member-driven and focused on:

  • Improving compliance program efficiency and effectiveness
  • Offering opportunities for the entire compliance team to build new skills and develop their networks
  • Highlighting innovative approaches to the most urgent leadership and management challenges that compliance leaders face

Member Benefits

Membership benefits apply to the full compliance team and include:

Peer Engagement and Benchmarking

  • Access to written research and detailed case studies that profile proven approaches other C-LEAD members have used in solving compliance challenges
  • Participation in quarterly benchmarking surveys on key topics (e.g., technology vendors, budget and headcount, skills and salaries)
  • Access to custom benchmarking reports that compare participant responses to relevant peer groups (e.g., by firm size, scope, strategy, and risk tolerance)
  • Access, beginning in 2022, to a web-based library of anonymized, member-contributed documents (e.g., org charts, policies, RFPs, and board presentations)
  • One-on-one consultations with C-LEAD’s research and analytics team to discuss benchmarking results, written research, and implementation strategies for profiled case 

Industry Insights

  • Access to C-LEAD’s research help desk for assistance with one-off, quick-turnaround benchmarking questions and data requests
  • Early input on all survey questions, including the ability to suggest topics for monthly pulse surveys that will go out to the full C-LEAD membership
  • Participation in primary, interview-based research on key compliance risks and the ability to add questions to the C-LEAD research team’s interview guide on topics most important to the program

Exclusive Events

  • Invitations for the compliance team to both CCO-only and senior leaders-only live events on key topics (e.g., measuring program effectiveness, compliance skills)
  • Access to regular virtual events where the C-LEAD research team shares data, discusses best practices, and brings practitioners to have candid conversations about the pros and cons of different approaches

Why join a leadership network?

The compliance role is expanding. CCOs and senior compliance leaders need to be empowered and supported to make informed, data-driven decisions on top functional challenges. According to the 2021 Investment Management Compliance Testing Survey, CCOs are dealing with broadening responsibilities, risks, and skillsets.



63% of CCOs have other C-Level responsibilities



7 out of 10 of the top risks identified by CCOs in 2021 fall outside of traditional compliance areas (e.g. ESG).

Staffing Skillset


2 out of every 3 of the most important skills that CCOs are looking for in new hires are outside of traditional compliance responsibilities.

Compliance leaders face unique challenges

CCOs and compliance leaders have to face a number of functional challenges that impede the success of their compliance program. In a recent survey, ACA clients indicated the following areas to be of most concern.

Making the Best Use of Compliance Technology


Measuring and Monitoring Program Effectiveness


Managing Compliance Staff Skills and Careers


Our team

Billy Hughes

Billy Hughes

Managing Director

Billy Hughes is a Managing Director at ACA Group and heads the team developing the C-LEAD product. In his role, Billy works with C-LEAD members to shape and plan future research, benchmarking, and events. Before joining ACA in 2021, Billy spent 13 years at Gartner building executive networks for General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers, and Chief Privacy Officers.

Aaron Pinnick

Aaron Pinnick

Research Consultant

Aaron Pinnick is the lead researcher for ACA Group's Compliance Leaders Network, which provides research, analysis, and best practice guidance to compliance executives in the financial services industry. Prior to working at ACA, he was a Managing Analyst at Ballast Research, providing quantitative and qualitative insights to government affairs executives at some of the world's largest companies, and founded his own independent consultancy focused on helping socially conscious and mission-driven companies develop compelling marketing campaigns.

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