Celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month


Peyun Kok

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May is Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, and we are happy to celebrate with the launch of our “Asian Pacific Islander” Employee Resource Group (API ERG)! This group is a community of ACA professionals who share an identity and experiences, and whose mission is to celebrate and empower Asian and Pacific Islander employees through education, awareness, support, and sharing.

During the month of May, the API ERG will sponsor educational events to shed light on the often-overlooked history of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the U.S., the contributions they have made, and the challenges they continue to experience.

  • Rapper and activist Jason Chu will discuss Myths and Misconceptions: The Erased Reality of Asian America
  • Guest speaker Jerry Won will focus on The Asian American Experience in Corporate and Working America
  • Panel speakers Shreyansh Malla, Director, Foreside, Allen Xiao, Deputy Chief Risk Officer, Amundi U.S., and ACA’s Kavitha Venkita, Partner will share insights on their career journeys and the cultural contexts and traditions that have informed their perspectives along the way

What does Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month Mean to you?

"My Asian American culture and background is central to my identity. Shortly after I joined ACA, I was thrilled to receive immense support and enthusiasm to start an Asian Pacific Islander employee resource group. I am very excited to celebrate my Asian heritage with our ACA family this month." – Vivian Chin, Consultant and Co-Lead of the API ERG

“Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month is a not just a time to celebrate the contributions of Asian Americans throughout our history but a moment to pause, understand and reflect on their continuing struggle for dignity and equality, especially in these fraught times.” – Kavitha Venkita, Partner

"Growing up in a multiracial family has played an important role in shaping who I am today. The Asian Pacific Islander resource group gives me an opportunity to celebrate my Asian culture at ACA." - Justin Morden, Consultant