ACA Celebrates Black History Month by Discussing Gaps in Health and Wellness

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In honor of Black History Month, ACA's Connected Black Professionals Group hosted a number of speakers to discuss bridging the gap in health and wellness with ACA employees. 

Dr. Glenda Newell-Harris, MD, co-author of Focus on Your Best Health, provided tips to productively communicate with your healthcare providers and effectively express your healthcare needs with them. She also emphasized the importance of advocating for ourselves as patients as well as advocating for our loved ones.

Dr. Michael LeNoir, MD and Monique LeNoir-Pittman, Founder and Director respectively of the African American Wellness Project, discussed the top illnesses that affect African Americans and how they are working to improve the heath of members of the black community.

LaShasta Bell, LPC-S explained the importance of mental health wellness. She shared ideas for improving personal mental health and how to help loved ones who show signs of needing support.

LaShanna Leonard Moore, HHP, CSN, EP described the health and wellness inequalities that she has seen and experienced and how that has inspired her to become a nutritionist, holistic health practitioner and endocannabinoid professional. She explained the importance of nutrition and how we can improve our health through our food choices.

We want to thank all of our speakers for raising awareness of health and wellness disparities in our communities, and sharing ways we can work to improve our health and the health of our loved ones.